Better recognize!

A long time ago a preemie, want to be fan questioned my art, “so digital art you apply a lot of filters?”  I agreed.  Later it dawned on me he thought my art of a planet coalescing was only a photo with filters.  I made this page to show what I do is more than just applying filters.  I do a total pixel reconstruction looking for the hidden pictures.  Almost all my art starts out as a blank page where I keep throwing paint up there till it looks like something, then I shape it to look even more like that.  Art is a process to get to that original look.  Or I start with a digital image from two of my long time best friends,  experimental photos from professional photographer & proprietary digital image generator & amateur photographer   Please check out their sites when you have a chance.  I paint with all the art software I can experiment with to push my limits of art & defying convention.

This first image I found on Google Images/free optical illusions. Can’t find the artist to credit.  The next one is what I did to that picture, I made it my own.






This next picture comes from Steve’s experimental photos.  The one after is mine.  I made more than 30 different masterpieces from just this one experimental picture of his.




This next one comes from Steve’s proprietary image generator.  The one after that I made from his image.




This next one comes from one of Danny’s experimental photos.  I really like working with Danny’s pictures cause every pixel is clear & I almost always find tons of hidden pictures in his pictures.  The one after will be mine that I made from his.




Just one more please.  This next one is from Danny.  The one after that is my recreation of his picture.



Thank you so much for your interest!